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Customer Contact Software


Improve and boost your customer service and interact with your customers with customer service software.


As a small business customer management software allows you to respond to customers with a few easy clicks.


Control and organise your contacts and enquiries in the easy to use customer management panel.

Stay Informed

With push notifications straight to your phone, keeping informed and on top of your interactions couldn’t be easier.


Our support team are always on hand to help, ensuring that everything continues to run smoothly.

Customer Contact & Customer Service Software

Are you ready to transform your customer management and communications? With customer service management software from MyDay, it couldn’t be easier. Our customer contact add-ons enable you to interact with your customers in more ways than ever before. With the ability to communicate with your customers is right at your fingertips, increasing customer engagement is incredibly easy. Not only can we help increase your customer engagement through our superior website add-ons, but you can also utilise our tools to grow your contact lists. Whether you increase your newsletter sign ups through your website, or receive more enquiries, MyDay allows you to deal with all communications faster than ever before.

Quick to Install

Implement your new customer service software in no time at all. Without any previous knowledge of coding, you can easily and efficiently create and implement your new contact forms.

Easy to Use

Not only are our add-ons easy to implement, but they are also incredibly easy to use. Simply log into your business control panel to view your contacts and reply to any messages or enquiries.

Works on All Devices

With MyDay, you can be sure that your new customer service management software will look good across all devices. You can be sure that your new contact forms will work across in all formats.

Customer Service Management Software Features

Our customer contact and small business customer management software has countless features to improve and enhance your website. With our customer service software, you can add to your website to increase your customer interaction. Not only can the software allow you to start saving & auto-responding to enquiries, but you can also add newsletter sign-up forms and website feedback forms with no prior technical knowledge. Our extensive range of website add-ons are incredibly easy to install onto your site by yourself or with the assistance of our outstanding team.

Control Panel

Monitor all contacts & sign-ups, and save details for future.


Arrange call backs & e-mail responses for enquiries you receive.

Save Contacts

Save contact details and entire queries - no more searching through e-mails months later.

Intuitive Layouts

Get contact, sign-up & feedback forms that are straightfoward & fast for the user.

Attractive Designs

Make sure all your forms are well-designed and look completely professional.

Full Branding

Get all your contact/sign-up forms designed to suit your brand & company marketing perfectly.

Assign Queries

Assign queries & contact forms to different staff members etc.

Push Notifications

Get notifications straight to your phone when enquiries or new sign-ups are received.

Email Notifications

Get e-mail notifications about enquiries & sign-ups.

Calendar Features

Make use of advanced calendar features to arrange appointments & call-backs etc.


Conduct surveys & questionnaires with ease, and store & analyse results.

Bonus Features

Get a host of other bonus features for your contact, sign-up & feedback forms.


Set auto-responses to save time & convey a highly professional image.

Form Validation

Check data to remove all errors from contact & sign-up forms.

FAQ Builder

Build your FAQ section out of common queries.

Custom Analytics

Get custom analytics on users who contact you.

Regular Updates

Get fresh new features on a routine basis, with regular updates from MyDay.

Reliable Support

Rest assured that your business can always rely on technical support from MyDay.

Customer Contact Software Packages


  • Attractive & Intuitive Designs/Layouts
  • Full branding
  • Control Panel
  • Save Contacts
  • Form Validation
  • Reliable Support
Standard Colours £8.99 / month Custom Colours £13.49 / month


New Features!
  • Schedule/Planner
  • Push Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Calendar Features
  • FAQ Builder
  • Regular Updates
Plus: get all Bronze Package features as standard. Standard Colours Best Value £17.99 / month Custom Colours £23.99 / month


  • Assign Queries
  • Auto-responses
  • Bonus Features
  • Custom Analytics
Plus: get all Silver & Bronze Package features as standard. Standard Colours £26.99 / month Custom Colours £32.99 / month


Coming Soon!
  • Surveys - create totally unique surveys to analyse your customers' desires and expectations! MyDay can help you build completely bespoke surveys and questionnaires that can help you get a whole new insight into your business. Not only will the questionnaires be easy to create, update and customise, but they'll also be geared to encourage user-interaction with simple and attractive layouts.
  • More Advanced Features - there'll also be a host of other new advanced functions included in the Platinum Package, so make sure to ask for more details.
Get in contact to discuss how you can grow your business with our Platinum Package.

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