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Website Design Services


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Get ongoing, reliable support from the MyDay team

Website Design Services

With MyDay's Website Design & Business Website Development services, you can rest assured that your website is being taken care of by professionals. With our years of development experience, we're able to offer websites with a range of strengths, from sleek and attractive design to sophisticated and powerful database configuration. Read on to find out about the most essential aspects of any business website.

Make your Website Work for Your Business

Working with MyDay means your website will be in the hands of web designers and developers who really understand your business. The first thing we would do is conduct a full analysis of your business needs, to help us decide what exactly what you need from a business website.

  • Full Business Consultation
  • Specific, targeted website features
  • Step-by-step outline of Website Plan

Following your consultation, we'll not only be able to highlight specific areas and functions for your business website to focus on, but we'll also provide you with a step-by-step plan that clearly outlines the recommended structure for your site. MyDay always does its best to make sure that our clients feel completely involved and in control of their website.

Build your Brand Online with Professional Designs

With MyDay's assistance, you can get a website that not only serves the functional needs of your business, but also enchances its entire online image & reputation. We'll incorporate any existing artwork you have (e.g like logos and banners), and then go even further to flesh out your brand identity and apply it to the entire website.

  • Contemporary & stellar designs
  • State-of-the-art interactions
  • Bespoke designs based on your own brand

When designing a professional business website, it's important to make use of modern techniques and contemporary stylistic trends. Our designers can boast years of experience in designing websites for Multi-National brands, and that's why MyDay can offer you a wealth of web design experience at cost-effective rates.

Get a High-Quality Website full of Advanced Programming

MyDay's developers have spent years creating websites for a range of companies in the past, from local business to internationally recognised brands. We pride ourselves on our combined expertise, and we're more than happy to share that with our clients.

  • Significant web development experience
  • Advanced knowledge of web-coding
  • Front-end design & back-end databases.

Whatever your business needs are, we're confident that MyDay's range of skills, combined with our knowledge of business practices, will help you achieve your goals. From the latest front-end programming languages like HTML5 & CSS3, to the more complex back-end, database-related languages, MyDay's website development team are well-versed in them all and ready to offer their expertise to help your business.

Install Website Add-ons & Enhancements

With MyDay's own website add-ons & enhancements, you can add functionality to your website that vastly sets you apart from your competitors, at a fraction of the price that you would normally have to pay for such advanced features.

You can add appointment/table booking functions, interactive menus, contact & newsletter sign-up forms and even Live Chat portals.

  • Advanced functionality that's cost-effective
  • Add enhancements that increase revenue
  • Access your own simple & easy to use control panel

To find out more about the web add-ons we offer, have a look at our Website Enhancements section. Or if you've got any questions about how we could enhance your website to improve its performance, don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of the MyDay team.

Get help with Search Engine & Google Ranking

With any business website, it's important to know that customers can find it if they were to search for it on Google. As a minimum, MyDay always creates & structures its websites with SEO & Google ranking in mind. This means ensuring that various components are in place, from Title tags to keywords and image labelling ('assigning alt-tags'), and before doing this we always make sure to gain a good understand of your business and the market you're targeting.

  • Analysis of business & online market
  • Analysis of keywords to use
  • Creation of website with targeted keywords & content

Additionally, you can also boost your Search Engine Optimisation efforts even further after the creation of the initial website. In line with this, MyDay is also able to offer more specialised & focused services, and you can read more details about its SEO & Google services here.

Make the most of Social Media through your Site

As social networks continue to boom, no modern business can afford to ignore them anymore. A good social media plan is important for any company that wants to enhance its online marketing, and MyDay believes that this should also be incorporated into the website development process for a business. This is why we go the extra mile, and always make sure to add handy and attractive 'Social Sharing' buttons into our clients' websites, allowing them to really make the most out of their social media accounts.

  • Handy 'Social Sharing' buttons
  • Add 'Like' Buttons for virality
  • Add 'Feeds' for dynamic content & improve SEO

If you want to go even further, you can even look into our Social Media services: focused on helping you control and grow your online presence through the major social networks.

Website Design Service Features

As a company of website design specialists, MyDay is able to offer an extensive range of different features for your own business website. Below is a list of some of the most essential features, and remember, if you would like to discuss any of them in more detail, then MyDay is just a phonecall away.

Modern Websites

MyDay is committed to creating modern websites that can help our clients keep up with the market.

Contemporary Designs

We've got extensive experience of creating contemporary designs to serve modern tastes.

Advanced Software

All our websites are built using the most advanced and useful software for your purposes.


Get all the essential elements of Search Engine Optimisation taken care of.

Essential Social

Add the essential Social Network features, like the important 'Like' & 'Share' buttons.

Fully Branded

Get website designs that fully match your brand identity - enhance your marketing.

Mobile Websites

Get fully responsive and mobile websites that work across platforms.

Embed Video

Embed video into your website easily for increased interaction.

Online Orders

Accept online orders through your website in a way that you can control and configure.

Install Add-ons

Introduce add-ons to your website to boost functionality in a very cost-effective way.

Accept Bookings

Accept bookings & appointments (through add-ons) to enhance business processes and revenue.

Image Galleries

Visually represent your business with style - by compiling great-looking image galleries with ease.

Optimised Images

We'll make use of optimised images on your website to ensure that you reduce loading times and improve visuals.

Quick Loading Times

Get a website with quick-loading times, ensuring users are never put off.

Save Users

Save users' details and allow them to save their own preferences on your site, adding value for customers.

HTML5 Experts

MyDay prides itself in its development experience with modern web languages, like HTML5.

CSS3 Experts

Another important modern programming language is CSS3, and we can really add the stylistic touches you need with it.

Advanced Programming

As well as design, we also specialise in programming & database languages like .net, PHP etc.

Works Across Browsers

MyDay always test & ensure that its websites look and work great across all browsers.

Reliable Support

Get ongoing, reliable support from the MyDay tech team.

Help Articles

Get help and advice from our range of useful articles.

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