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The MyNyte & MyDay Apps


Enhance your exposure and revenue with our helpful in-app Business tools


Impress app users with the images and artwork that best represent your business


Control your business account & bookings etc through your Control Panel

Stay Ahead

Stay ahead of competitors and keep your business future-proof


Expand your business & broaden horizons by tapping into a whole new crowd

Promote your Business on MyNyte & MyDay

MyNyte & MyDay are two fresh and innovative apps that really put business & commerce at the centre of focus. Based in Bedford to begin with, the MyNyte app is an all-in-one evening planning app, and MyDay is its daytime equivalent. Read on to find out just how the MyNyte & MyDay apps work, and to learn exactly how they can help your business.

Increase your coverage & tap into a Whole New Market

The MyDay & MyNyte apps are all-in-one daytime & evening planning apps, based in Bedford to begin with and very soon to expand into nearby areas. These apps are aimed at members of the local population: users log in to see what events/activities are going on around them, and also to find out about local businesses. After this, users can also book transactions with those businesses, like booking hairdresser appointments (with MyDay) or booking restaurant tables (with MyNyte) - all at the touch of just a few buttons.

  • Fresh & innovative new apps
  • Tap into a whole new market/crowd
  • Great local feedback & anticipation, both from businesses and also non-business users

The MyDay & MyNyte apps are completely fresh new concepts, and we've had great local feedback around them so far, both from businesses and consumers. We're confident that in time the apps will both become very popular platforms for people to engage with the businesses around them. You could use this to your advantage now, and get ahead of the game early by beginning to tap into a whole new market. Let MyDay & MyNyte bring the crowd to you.

Locally focused apps to help you reach the most relevant Audience

Since local business is the primary focus of the apps, they're both equipped with a vast array of functionality & tools geared to help users find information relevant to them and their local area. The various feeds on the apps are split by Town/City, as we know how effective and useful this is for the average user.

When users search for business information, the geographical location is the single most important factor in most of their decisions. That means your business should aim to ensure that whatever marketing or promotion efforts you are engaging in, you should always make sure that the information is geographically relevant to the user.

It is in this way, with geographical targeting, that MyDay and MyNyte really excel. Since the apps are based around allowing users to find out about things to do in their area for the day/evening, the app is entirely geared towards making it as easy as possible to get local business information onto a users phone/tablet. You could ensure that your business features prominently when our users log on to search local businesses.

  • Listings/Feeds based on Town/City
  • Geographical targeting - your business will reach out to the users most relevant

Build your own Following for more Customer Loyalty

MyDay believe it's imporant for us to let businesses flourish and thrive on our platforms. We want to create an atmosphere where companies feel comfortable in advertising their services, safe in the knowledge that they are also building up their own loyal following, as opposed to becoming an insignificant cog in a bigger machine.

To help us keep the focus firmly on our clients, our developers have added various design elements and features which heavily encourage users to 'Follow' the accounts/companies that they like. This not only means that users can stay up to date with the local outlets that are appealing to them, but it also means your business is able to create and nurture its own identity and loyal fan-base: thus massively enhancing your customer loyalty in the long-term.

  • Create & nurture your own identity
  • Build your own loyal following of customers
  • Communicate directly with your followers about new offers or events

After you've built your following, communicating directly with them then becomes a piece of cake. They'll be updated about your new Offers and Events etc as soon as you upload them.

Accept & Monitor Bookings & Orders with ease

As business focused apps, both MyDay and MyNyte have been carefully crafted and engineered by highly experienced developers. Their main focus was to ensure that the app was easy for customers to use and book transactions with. Essentially, these apps were designed & built with the primary purpose of driving more custom to our clients.

  • Accept & monitor bookings
  • See all bookings in your planner
  • New functions regularly introduced to help businesses

Not only can you start accepting bookings with ease through both apps, but you'll also get access to your own personal Control Panel, where you can monitor the bookings at your own pace. You can even plan & schedule for the future, and very soon you'll also be able to assign bookings and tasks to your various staff members.

As an added bonus for joining MyDay/MyNyte, you also get direct access to our extensive range of Website Enhancements. This allows you to add extremely sophisticated and powerful booking functionality to your website, at a fraction of the cost, just by connecting your MyDay/MyNyte account to your website.

Show off your best Images & Offers to the local market

With MyDay & MyNyte's tools around location selection, our users are easily able to specify which particular town/city they would like to receive information about. Since the app is geared around locally relevant information, it's a prime platform for our clients to connect and communicate with the local crowd.

  • Create & update special offers & images easily
  • Show up in the in-app Offers Feeds
  • Let users share & send your offers/images to their friends

For instance, the 'Offers Feeds' list all the latest local offers to our users, separating them by category for easy access. These are a great way for local businesses to attract customers looking to engage in specific kinds of activities - from users looking for restaurant offers, to others looking for good drinks deals in town. As well as this, users are given the chance to send and share these offers with their friends at the touch of a button, meaning that details about your Special Offers could go viral in your local town!

Connect your MyDay/MyNyte account to your website to accept bookings & show your menu

As a member of MyDay/MyNyte, you can bring the powerful and amazingly easy-to-use functionality of the apps straight into your website. For example, once you've entered your menu items into the app, we can then implement that menu into your own website, so you can show it to your own customers & users easily. You can also do the same for your Appointment Booking etc, by introducing a small Appointment Booking panel into your site. You come up with a suggestion, and our developers will take care of the rest.

  • Connect your MyDay/MyNyte account to your site
  • Add complex & powerful functionality to your site
  • Control your bookings & update your menu items in-app, and watch them sync instantly with your site - saving you time & hassle!

That's right, we can simplify complicated technical tasks by linking your site to the app: You'd get your own control panel, push notifications straight to your phone, and all the other benefits.

Useful Features & Benefits for Businesses

Take a look at some of the appointment booking & table booking features you could be adding to your website. If you would like any more information about the details of these features, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Totally Free

It's completely free to set up your business account with MyDay & MyNyte.

Increased Exposure

Promote your business & gain more exposure through MyDay & MyNyte.

No Contracts

You can close your account anytime you like - no contracts at all.

Modern Functionality

Get access to all kinds of sophisticated & complex functionality in the app.

Increase Custom

By tapping into the MyDay/MyNyte audience, you can reach out to an entirely new crowd of people.

Business Tools

Both apps have a range of handy business tools that will help you manage bookings, menu items etc.

Quick Set-up

You can get your business up-and-running on MyDay & MyNyte in minutes.

Easy to Use

The user-interfaces of the apps have been speciallly designed to be as simple as possible.

Advanced Programming

Both the MyDay & The MyNyte app have both been developed by highly experienced professionals.

Push Notifications

Stay informed at all times by getting push notifications straight to your phone.

Email Notifications

As well as push notifications, you can also be informed by email of big events.

Cancellation Notifications

You can even set up notifications to inform you of booking cancellations etc.

Accept Bookings

Accept bookings through both apps with ease - no technical knowledge needed.

Online Orders

Coming soon: Accept online orders through the apps and let your revenue increase.

Promote Offers

You can also use the apps to promote your Special Offers to the local crowd.

Build your Brand

Control all the displayed artwork on your account, to focus on your brand.

Build a Following

Gain a loyal customer base to communicate with, by growing your own unique following.

Show off Images

Show off your best images at the click of a few buttons.

Personal Account

Get your own personal account with log-in details for easy access.

Full Control

Stay in control of bookings & appointments with your own maintenance panel.

Connect your Website

Connect your website to your MyDay/MyNyte account to use the functionality in your own site.

Attractive Designs

Market your business on a great-looking platform that's bound to please audiences.

Training Given

You probably won't need it, but we do also offer full training to help you use the app.

Regular Updates

We're regularly updating the apps, so cool & new functions are a common thing.

Works Across Platforms

Promote your business to users on both Apple & Android.

Works Across Devices

From phones, to tablets & desktops - access MyDay & MyNyte anywhere.

Reliable Support

Get very reliable support and help from the MyDay & MyNyte teams.

Start Your Journey

It's time to help your business make more money.