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Social Media Services


Improve your social media presence & brand visibility across networks


Show off your best images with great designs & a professional look


Grow your following on social media and gain more exposure for your business


You decide how to present your company & your brand across the networks


Use social media to keep your loyal customers informed about promotions etc.

Social Media Services

MyDay offers its clients Social Media Marketing & Promotion services in partnership with BlueRock Productions. Since BlueRock were historically specialists in the SEO and Social Media field, and MyDay had extensive experience of web design & complex development, it was a naturally fitting choice for us to combine our expertise - to be able to serve your business in the best way possible. Read on about our Social Media Services, and learn about how we could help you build followers and present your story on the world's most popular networks.

Start with the essential Account Creation

The first step in co-ordinating your Social Media campaign efforts would be to begin the process of account creation. MyDay conducts this part of the process on behalf of its clients, but we also focus on transparency at every stage. This means we always approach the process with a plan, approved by yourself, and we always make sure to keep you in the loop during the process.

  • Consultation & account creation plan
  • Recommendations on 'Username', key assets
  • Design tips to help you decide how to style your pages
  • Creation of assets, like stylish 'Profile' & 'Cover' photos etc

After this, MyDay would then begin to flesh out your newly created Social Media accounts by uploading and applying your best artwork and designs to them. We even go further to recommend & create specific artwork for you, to suit the requirements of the different platforms.

Flesh out your Social Media approach & plan Campaigns

After the initial account creation is done, you get to the nitty-gritty. At this point, MyDay would start to flesh out your approach to social media and create an action plan to go forward with. To do this we would take a range of factors into account - analysis of your target market, user behaviours & trends, your competitors etc - and we would then be able to create a detailed routine/workflow that would aim to achieve your main targets in the market.

  • Market & competitor analysis
  • Execution of comprehensive action plan
  • Additional assistance with specific campagns to boost your marketing further

As well as executing this carefully considered work-plan on an on-going basis, MyDay would also round out its services by providing periodic help with additional campaigns and specific initiatives which aim to bolster your Social Media marketing efforts even more.

Stay up-to-date with Trends & Changes

Whilst good marketing campaigns and initiatives are crucial to the success of any company's Social Networking objectives, the most important thing is perhaps the ability to stay informed and aware of changing formats and techniques.

Social Networks regularly change their features & functions, and as a business that aims to utilise this type of media to help you gain exposure, it's essential for you to know exactly how you can use every new feature and function to your benefit. If there's a particular technique out there that will help you get followers, you should know.

  • Regular info and updates about changes
  • Respond to changes quickly with new action plans

As a MyDay client, you'll also have access to our Support blog which means you'll have helpful articles on hand to help you through the process.

Social Media Service Features

If you'd like any more information about the details of our Social Media Service features, listed below, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the MyDay team.

Gain Exposure

Increase your exposure & presence on social media to get the people talking about your business.

Status Updates

We'll execute a co-ordinated Social Media campaign with regular status updates.

Big Platforms

Get your business known on some of the largest social media platforms in the world.


Create a targeted campaign on Twitter, using its specific format to your benefit.


Learn to master Instagram, get your best pictures on Instagram and let the sharing begin.

Google Plus

Get known on Google's own social network for more exposure.

Fully Branded

We can co-ordinate all your social media campaigns to ensure they all enhance your brand & image.

Paid Promotions

MyDay can help create and monitor paid campaigns to help you gain followers and likes on the networks.

Social Analytics

Let MyDay handle the analysis of your Social Media campaigns, to make them more effective in the future.

Start Your Journey

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