Make the Most of Your Website with Online Catalogue Software

online catalogue software

Looking to improve your website? Online catalogue software could be the solution that you (and your customers!) have been searching for. As an expert digital marketing company, MyDay create bespoke solutions to boost your business and improve your customers’ experience when they visit your site. Easy Management The management of any catalogue can be an […]

26th September 2018 Blog

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Why Should You Create a Bespoke Online Restaurant Menu?

online restaurant menu creator

Searching for an online restaurant menu creator? When it comes to creating a new menu for your restaurant’s website, you shouldn’t settle for a standard, unengaging menu. Instead, you should consider creating a bespoke menu with the help of digital marketing company, MyDay. After all, why would you risk putting off customers with a sub-par […]

18th September 2018 Blog

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3 Reasons You Should Have Your Menu on Your Restaurant Website

restaurant menu builder

Looking to improve your restaurant website? Nowadays, a good website is a must for every business, and that includes restaurants. Just having a website simply isn’t enough, fortunately, as a specialist digital marketing company, MyDay can help you. Providing restaurant menu builder services as well as a range of other features to improve your restaurant’s […]

11th September 2018 Blog

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3 Benefits of Client Management Software

client management software for small business

Looking to improve your small business? Client management software for small business is the perfect solution for you. No matter your industry, you can be sure that client management software is beneficial for your company. Build Meaningful Relationships Your clients are essential for your business, so it is essential that you show them you care. […]

4th September 2018 Blog

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Benefits of Online Scheduling and Appointment Booking Software for Letting Agents

Looking to improve your letting agency? Online scheduling and appointment booking software can help to improve the efficiency and management of your business, and with MyDay, it couldn’t be easier. From 24/7 appointment booking for your clients to increased productivity, there are countless benefits to having an online scheduling and appointment booking software for your […]

7th August 2018 Blog

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Food Delivery Service Website

food delivery service website

Are you looking to create a food delivery service website for your restaurant or fast food establishment? Offering a food delivery services website can be hugely beneficial to your business, helping you to boost business with an increased customer base while also allowing you to compete with some of your larger competitors. With digital marketing […]

31st July 2018 Blog

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Essential Features for All Take Away Websites

Looking to upgrade your take away website? When it comes to running and creating take away websites, there are a few essential features to ensure that your new site is a success. From online ordering to attractive menus, we have everything you need to include on your take away website. Attractive Menu An absolute must […]

24th July 2018 Blog

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This is Why you Need to Offer Online Booking for Your Restaurant

restaurant booking website

Considering offering online booking for your restaurants? You should! Being able to book a table online was the most important technological feature for restaurant guests in 2017. With this in mind, why would you not offer online booking? Still not convinced? Well here are some more reasons you should offer a restaurant booking website for […]

20th July 2018 Blog

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Website

website restaurant menu design

Wondering how to create a successful website for your restaurant? There are a few things you need to consider to ensure that your restaurant website is a success, in turn boosting and improving your business overall. From your website restaurant menu design to simple contact forms, with MyDay, you can improve your restaurant website. Website […]

17th July 2018 Blog

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