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Appointment Booking Software


Give your customers added-value & a smoother experience


Keep all appointments/bookings organised & monitored easily


Configure your settings via your own control panel

Stay Ahead

Work more efficiently & save time with our powerful tools


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Are you searching for appointment booking software? With appointment booking software from MyDay, you can manage your appointments with ease. Whether you are looking to gain more control of the booking process, or streamline your business with online bookings, you can be sure that MyDay can help you.

What Can MyDay Do For You?

At MyDay we create website add-ons which will ensure that your business can run efficiently and with ease. Our outstanding team of web developers can create a whole host of appointment booking software solutions including a superior online appointment booking system and customer appointment scheduling software. Whatever you may be looking for, you can be sure that MyDay can help you.

Why Should You Use Online Booking Software?

Our web developers have ensured that you can gain more control than ever before with our customer appointment scheduling software. Our online appointment booking system will increase bookings through your website, as customers can book more efficiently than ever before. Additionally, our systems will ensure that everything is streamlined, organised and future-proof.

Appointment Booking Software

With our website additions appointment booking software, our web developers have ensured that you can get more control than ever before over your business bookings. Increase your bookings through your website while keeping yourself organised and keeping your business processes future-proof.

Quick Installation

With MyDay, you can be sure that the installation of your new appointment booking system will take place quickly. Our team can also help you to set up booking forms and provide additional assistance where required.

Easy to Use

With access to the software from your very own business control panel, managing your appointments couldn’t be easier. The business control panel will allow you to access and control all your settings in one place.

Compatible with All Devices

Our fantastic team ensure that all our built in functions work perfectly across all platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop. This functionality ensures that anyone can use your new booking systems with ease.

Booking Software Features

Take a look at some of the appointment booking & table booking features you could be adding to your website. If you would like any more information about the details of these features, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Intuitive Layouts

Appointment, scheduling & booking software that's easy to use.

Attractive Designs

Great looking booking software & modern designs.

Full Branding

Fully-branded add-ons to suit your business.

Control Panel

Stay in control of bookings & appointments with your own maintenance panel.


Plan for the future and stay organised with bookings.

Assign Bookings

Assign bookings to different team/staff members.

Cancellation Alerts

Get notified on cancellations, changes etc.

Push Notifications

Stay informed with notifications straight to your phone.

Email Notifications

Get notifications & updates straight to your e-mail.

Save Bookings

Add value for your customers: Let them save bookings and re-use them.

Set Reminders

Add Value: Let customers set reminders and alarms around bookings they make.

Calendar Features

Add Value: let customers use advanced calendar features on your booking forms.

Weather Forecasts

Add Value: let customers use advanced weather-forecast features on booking forms.

Traffic Forecasts

Add Value: let customers use advanced traffic-forecast features on booking forms.


Go viral by letting customers share booking details via booking forms.

Bonus Features

Add Value: give customers a range of other booking-form features.


Set auto-responses to save time & increase interaction & professionalism.

Form Validation

Check all data when customers are booking, to remove all errors.

Historical Data

Get useful historical data & reports about all your past bookings.

Custom Analytics

Get customised analytics to help you understand your business.

Finance Reports

Get financial reports so you can monitor costs & profit.

Automated Booking

Get fully-automated booking to make things much easier for everyone.

Regular Updates

Get regular updates and cool new features, as soon as they're released by MyDay.

Reliable Support

Get support and maintenance via e-mail or phone.

Appointment Booking Software Packages


  • Attractive & branded designs
  • Control Panel, Scheduler / Planner
  • Email & Cancellation Alerts
  • Form Validation
  • Historical Data
  • Reliable Support
Standard Colours £19.99 / month Custom Colours £29.99 / month


  • Push Notifications
  • Set Reminders
  • Weather Forecast Buttons
  • Sharing/Social Buttons
  • Auto-responses
  • Regular Updates
Plus: get all Bronze Package features as standard. Standard Colours Best Value £39.99 / month Custom Colours £54.99 / month


New Features!
  • Assign Bookings to Staff
  • Advanced Scheduler / Panel
  • Give Users Calendar Features
  • Traffic Forecast Buttons
  • Bonus Features
  • Custom Analytics
  • Finance Reports
Plus: get all Silver & Bronze Package features as standard. Standard Colours £59.99 / month Custom Colours £74.99 / month


Coming Soon!
  • Automated Booking - accept bookings with absolutely no effort on your part! Our systems can check your existing bookings to find an available slot, create the booking, inform the customer and even keep you notified - all automatically.
  • Advanced Team Functions - organise your staff members and your whole team with unique log-ins, and individual schedules etc. You can even view day-plans to prepare your entire workload for the day.
  • More Advanced Features - there'll also be a host of other new advanced functions included in the Platinum Package, so make sure to ask for more details.
Get in contact to discuss how you can grow your business with our Platinum Package.

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